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No. 500, January 1, 2012

By Don Hobbs

When all of this started back in 2002, the thought of writing a weekly article on Sherlock Holmes seemed like a tall task. Doing it for 500 weeks never crossed my mind. For those doubters, and I was of them, this is the 500th article. Today also begins volume 11 and later this year, we will have completed 10 years of SherlockPeoria.

I have actually had the easier part in this whole affair. I just plug away, writing about whatever Sherlockian whimsy crosses my mind. Week in and week out, the articles always seem to appear. There have been Sundays at 8:00 in the evening nothing of worth has been there but without fail something always pops up. I will be the first to admit that some articles had the minimum amount of Sherlockian content but then others I have been very proud to call my own.

A great deal of thanks should go to my wife, Joyce. She is only Sherlockian vicariously but she has not only read and edited everyone one of my articles, she has also written a couple of them herself. This is Sherlockian osmosis at its finest. The lion’s share of thanks has to go to Brad. SherlockPeoria was Brad’s idea and he created the website. Brad has continued to improve the site and evolved it into what it is today. When I returned from Rome with the drawing bug, Brad found a way to incorporate “Sherlocking” in SherlockPeoria without missing a beat.

It always pleases me when I hear from readers. It validates what we do. Thank you.

Happy New Year and Happy Collecting!!


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January 1, 2012