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No. 501, January 8, 2012

The Good Sherlockian
By Don Hobbs

I am making a list and I checking it twice, I don’t care who’s been naughty or nice, Don Hobbs is….. coming to town, New York City, actually.

It is that time of year once again. It is time for all good Sherlockians to traipse off to the Big Apple and fill their days and nights with Sherlockian Nirvana. Drinking plenty of mead and eating manna is the order of the day. I leave Wednesday morning and this year, nearly every hour is full of some Sherlockian activity or another.

The ‘Pregame” activities are nearly as taxing. Last year, a certain female acquaintance from Belgium called me out because I wore a pre-tied tuxedo bow tie with a hook in the back. Because she told me that ANY well-dressed man should know how to tie his own bow tie. By having my well-dressed manliness challenged by some foreigner caused me to learn a new skill. When I told people my plans, nearly every one of them told me to search YouTube for the way to tie the perfect bow tie. Oh there are enough videos on YouTube on how to do what I needed to learn yet they all fell short on how and where to actually place your hands. My frustration grew more than when I started after each viewing. Joyce to the rescue.

Joyce does not know how to tie a bowtie either but she works with a person that regularly wears one. I ventured to her work with my bowtie in tow. Co-worker Jarred was just what the Sherlockian needed. In just a few minutes, I became a bowtie tying fool. I can whip one on and off now without the aid of mirrors or YouTube. When I get to New York City, I might even challenge Steve Rothman or Scott Monty for best bowtie tier. I might even spring in the Huckster’s Room for a bowtie from the Speckled Band.

Next on my to-do list is finding a replacement suit-bag. My old one bit the Shadows and Dust this year. I need a good one to hold my new long dress coat, tuxedo, suit, and sports jacket. I figured this would be the easiest task but it is proving more difficult that I thought. The places I have been to thus far no longer sell suit-bags. I have a few more places to try tomorrow.

Jerry Kegley asked me to give a toast on Saturday night during the ‘Lost in New York with a Bunch of Sherlockians’ dinner at Pete’s Tavern. Since I do not know how to say no, I agreed. Now I have to come up with something witty and cool to say.

Whew, I am tired just thinking about next week, but not to worry because this is the type of week Sherlockians dream about.

Happy Collecting!



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