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No. 502, January 15, 2012

The OMG NYC Moment
By Don Hobbs, BSI

Last Sunday, our local Sherlock Holmes society, The Diogenes Club of Dallas, held its regular monthly meeting. I took a group photograph as I normally do however this time I left my camera in the restaurant. I did not discover the error of my ways until Tuesday night as I was packing for New York City and the Birthday Celebration Weekend. I called the restaurant and sure enough my phone was there in the manager's office. I soon retrieved the phone and flew to New York the next morning.

On Thursday morning I decided I would go to Mysterious Books down on Warren Street and then up to McSorely's Pub . I did neither. Because of a cold, rainy downpour I simply returned to my hotel and took a nap. I was up and dressed by 4:30 and off to the Morley-Montgomery Award Reception. When I googled the location to get directions from my hotel, I found it was a mere 255 feet away. Congratulations to Sonya Featherton for winning this year's award for the best article to appear in the Baker Street Journal in 2011. This was also the venue for the Distinguished Speaker Lecture. Lisa Sanders, MD tried to convince the audience that Holmes suffered from Asperger’s Syndrome.

Every night, a select group of us convened at O'Lunney's Irish Pub on West 45. On one particular morning at four o'clock I discovered my work phone was missing. Since I carry a work phone and personal phone, I used the only one I still had to call the other. It was answered on the second ring by a strongly accented voice who told me it was in Brooklyn in the back of his cab. I was in Midtown but fifteen minutes later, he pulled up outside my hotel to hand over my lost phone and receive a nice tip. This was the second bit of luck to happen to me. I use the work phone as my alarm clock so it was nice to get it back. By setting it, I was able to get up on Friday to attend the William Gillette Luncheon. This is a fun event and I do not attend it regularly because later on Friday, the BSI Dinner and/or Gaslight Gala follows it so closely that one could never be that hungry.

I attended my second BSI Dinner in as many years on Friday night and had a wonder time up until the schillings were being handed out. This is the part of the evening everyone waits for and all of those attending that are not invested members hold hope that their name will be called. This is where the third bit of luck came to me. (and on Friday the 13th!) Then that magic moment came when Wiggins called my name. At that moment the entire room gave me a standing ovation. It was my OMG NYC moment. I remember Wiggins, Michael F. Whalen, announcing 'Inspector Lestrade, Don Hobbs' and then the eruption but after that I suffered from what others call BSI amnesia. The rest of the weekend was just one continual blur.

Let me apologize for the other investees right up front. I also apologize for not covering this year’s events with any greater detail. I did not have a computer with me…I only had my ipad and am unable to write articles on it. After all the events were over, I had to rent a car from NYC and drive to Torrington, CT where I am working this week. I am in the business center typing on a public computer in order to make our Sunday deadline.

I want to thank each and every one of those that wrote on my behalf, helping get that elusive BSI investiture. Listening to the sounds of the BSI members cheering for me, there were a lot of you who wrote on my behalf. Thank you.

Friday (after I was invested) -Blur.
Saturday - blur
Sunday - blur.

Happy Collecting!!

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