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No. 504, January 23, 2012

The Ups and Downs of
Being a Sherlockian

By Don Hobbs, BSI

I will be the first to admit that for the past two weeks I have been flying high as a kite. When I was invested into the Baker Street Irregulars it sent me aloft. Another BSI confided in me that the feeling lasts a long time and I was ready for my continued soaring until Wednesday when I was sent crashing. With a single key-stroke on my computer, I received a blow that brought me back to the real world in a hurry.

That is the day I was working and inadvertently opened a malicious virus. My antivirus software kicked in immediately but not fast enough to stop the virus from deleting everything residing on my hard drive. When I say everything, I mean just that. Flying high since I returned from New York City, I neglected to back up my files in January, so gone were all my work folders, all my Sherlockian folders, all of my pictures, all of it gone, gone, done. Remember getting kicked in the stomach and having the wind knocked out of you? Well that was the feeling times ten.

All of my Sherlockian files including The Galactic Sherlock Holmes, my database file with all of my collection listed, my Sherlockian Christmas cards, and dozens of other projects I am working on to name but a few were gone. I have a motto I use at work which is ‘don’t panic’ but this was not working and panic started setting in on me. My ears flushed and my heart began beating faster and faster. I had to force myself to take in a deep breath and evaluate the situation in a calm, dethatched manner and it took some effort to achieve. I know how viruses replicate and when logic finally took over, I realized that the files were not gone just hidden.

The Data-Doctor is near my house and after a quick visit to them, I was told after they ran some diagnostic tests that all of my data could be retrieved. My luck is still holding. Of course I say this while my laptop is at Data-Doctor. They said it will Saturday before they are finished cleaning the hard drive and the registry. This experience has taught me three new words, backup, backup, and backup. It also taught me that opening unknown email will cost me $279 plus tax.

Happy back up!
Happy Collecting!!


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