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No. 506, February 19, 2012

Sherlockian Speaker . . . Moi
By Don Hobbs, BSI

Each year at my company’s National Users Conference, I have to give a talk to a room of two-hundred people. Like most people I am not that comfortable doing it. Normally, I am an outgoing person and not that shy. Still I get a little nervous when put in that situation. Well, I may have found the cure – Sherlock Holmes. Oh yeah, you say, spoken like a true Sherlockian – where everything in the world can be attributed to The Master. Nay, nay say I, Sherlock Holmes has cured my shyness of speaking to an audience.

Last summer, I spoke to a group of about thirty or so at the Cowtown Crimesolvers. The nerves were present, but I got through it without any problems. Just last month I spoke to a group of seventy-five at the city of Allen’s Public Library. My granddaughters, daughter, and wife attended that night. I was nervous until the second sentence and then I was off to the races. My half-hour talk was a breeze after the initial butterflies. Therefore, this week, I gave anther talk and this one was for the Golden K Dallas Kiwanis Club. This time after my introduction to a group of approximately forty-five, I took the podium like a gangbuster. Somewhere along the way, I gained the confidence that is required to speak in front of an audience. I remember reading or hearing somewhere to remember that I know more than the audience so go out and talk to them like I was talking one-on-one. I did this and was not in the least bit nervous.

I turned 60 years old on Monday and at this Kiwanis meeting, I was the youngest in the room by a decade and a half. My friend and fellow Sherlockian Jack Pugh, asked me to talk. For the past couple of months he has been promoting it quite heavily to the Kiwanis members. They heard his message because there was more than twice the normal in attendance. Afterwards they asked me to give a talk to another Kiwanis club in McKinney, Texas. With my newfound bravado, I naturally agreed. I am scheduled to do that one in May

The new Sherlockian Speaking Machine

Who knows where this will lead? My new motto is ‘Have Sherlockian thought, Will Speak.’

Happy Collecting!!


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