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No. 509, March 11, 2012

Sherlocking with Bob Coghill, BSI
By Don Hobbs, BSI

I was gone all of last week, working as it were in rural Iowa. I returned on Friday and head back to the airport on Sunday for seven days in San Diego. Want to guess what I did on my forty-eight hour furlough in Texas? I entertained a fellow Sherlockian from the Great White North. Bob Coghill of Toronto just happened to be in town and we arranged for him to visit my house, my library, and sample my wife, Joyce’s, world famous homemade pizza. I told Bob she was planning on her wonderful Strawberry and liver pizza. After he told me they were the only two items he did not care for, we chose a more tradition pie.

Bob and friend arrived at the appointed time and there was a quick round of introductions. Before long, we had ventured the seventeen or so steps up to my library. Bob is a Guidance Counselor for a middle school and a part-time librarian at the Metropolitan Toronto Reference Library. I visited Bob and fellow librarian Peggy Purdue a few years ago when the Great Whimsical Sherlockian Tour of Oklahoma and Texas had its initial International Screening at one of the Bootmakers of Toronto meetings in that fair city. More recently, Bob was at BSI Dinner, where I received my schilling. I was naturally pleased when he asked to get together on his trip the Dallas- Fort Worth Metroplex.

Being a Sherlockian is being a member of the world’s best fraternity. Bob and I knew very little about one another but once in the library, it was as though we had been friends all of our lives. Many, many shared friendships and similar events bring us all together. It is always a pleasure to have another Sherlockian visit because they appreciate the collection differently that a non-Sherlockian. Others can be equally amazed at the vastness or uniqueness of the collection but it takes another Sherlockian to understand it fully. Bob got it.

Our ‘cocktail hour’ passed in the blink of an eye and soon it was time to eat. Joyce might have just been showing off, but the pizza she cooked was the best ever. I think the guests agreed as well. This was the first time she cooked a pizza using an Italian Fennel Sausage, but surely, it will not be last. Complimented by a couple of bottles of red wine and the evening was a huge success. Being Sherlockian is a beautiful thing and it was a grand way to spend my precious hours at home.

Happy Collecting!


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