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No. 512, April 1, 2012

My Eye Exam
By Don Hobbs, BSI

When the decision to cease publishing SherlockPeoria came down, I will be the first to admit the news made me sad. I also experienced a wave of relief followed by a bit of anger. At some point, I told my wife Joyce I was so mad I could not see straight. Like many marriages, after so long one never knows if their spouse is really listening. Never make that assumption.

Joyce has to go to an office when she is not traveling unlike me who has the luxury of staying home when I am not on the road. She leaves around seven each morning while I am squeezing out one more hour of repose. I start work at eight, so why get up before then? Usually my work phone starts ringing soon after I am up, with the normal Applications Help Desk question. These always interrupt my morning routine of reading the newspaper and working the crossword puzzle but I am not complaining.

The other day, my work phone was upstairs on the charger when it started ringing. Instead of work, it was Joyce. She said she made an eye-appointment for me because of my earlier statement about being so mad I could hardly see straight. My thoughts were she knew hyperbole when she heard it so why the appointment? She was very cryptic on the phone and asked what I was doing and where was I. Odd questions, it seemed, since she called me at home. Then she asked me if I noticed anything different and so turning around at the top of the stairs I noticed an eye chart next to the phone charger that had not been there the night before. It was the true Dr. Watson moment of seeing but not observing.

In the blink of an eye, it all became apparent the meaning of my eye appointment. As soon as I saw the eye chart, I knew Joyce listens to more that I thought and still knows exactly how to please her Sherlockian husband.

Happy Collecting!!

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