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No. 517, May 6, 2012

By Don Hobbs, BSI

Ethonologue ( is the best website I have found when dealing with world languages. They list 7,413 different languages in the world. The total number of languages with Canonical translation is ninety-five. This means that 0.012815324430055308242277080802993 of the world’s languages have Sherlock Holmes translation of a least one Canonical tale. The percentage is slightly better this week with the recently discovery of 3 new translation but 1.28% is not that great.

In the past week, I discovered that the languages of Kyrgyz, Fijian, and Tatar have translations of the Canon.

Baskerville’l?r ?te is a Tatar translation of HOUN, published in 2004 by M?garif. The book is 302 pages and has stories by Rudyard Kipling and Harold Robbins. Tatars tan is a republic of the Russian Federation with just over 5,000,000 speakers.

A i taloanoa Salkomu is the title of the Fijian translations of NAVA. This is a 100-page book published in Fiji by Nawalu Publications in 1974. I find it ironic that for the past 10 years I have tried unsuccessfully to stir up interest in Hawaii with the idea of a translation in Hawaiian. The book listed above is in a library in one of the universities in Hawaii.

Kanduu ?r??n is a Kyrgyz translation of VALL. This is a 1992 Gurash publication. Three new translations in three new languages is the best week in years for discovering new edition.

It is only half the fun – discovering new translations and now the real fun begins, trying to locate copies. Before the discovery, I owned 88 of the 92 known languages or roughly 95%. With the three new translations, I am now just 92% complete. The uphill battle to find all translations just got steeper. It gives me more to strive for in the coming year.

Happy Collecting!!


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