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No. 519, May 20, 2012

Sherlocking in New York
By Don Hobbs, BSI

I am working in Newburgh, New York this week and next week as well. I flew into La Guardia, met up with my co-worker and headed north. The route our GPS took up included crossing the RFK Bridge, by Yankee Stadium and on into New Jersey. As soon as we were in the Garden State, we were on New Jersey State Route 4. I already have photographs of this highway sign but I never pass up on an opportunity for another one. Last month, I finally moved into the modern era and replaced my flip-phone with an iPhone. It certainly makes taking a photograph on the spur of the moment easy. I took advantage of my iPhone’s camera several more times.

Because I stayed over the weekend, I attended the Three Garridebs meeting in Hastings-on- Hudson. I coerced invited two of my co-workers, Jeff Breedlove and Sue Carrier to attend with me. Both of them were not sure what to expect but afterwards, they both said they enjoyed the experience. Sue even expressed interest in joining a Sherlockian society. I guided her to . Sadly for her, living in Maine the closest society is the Speckled Band of Boston and it is male only.

The Three Garridebs meeting exceeded even my expectations. It was one of the better Sherlockian meetings I have attended. They had no advance warning that I was going to attend. We met Elyse Locurto at the train station and she announced to the group, when we entered, that I was her Show-and-Tell. I knew many attendees and it was quite a surprise seeing me there. The meeting featured a quiz, three papers, show-and-tell, and a game of Sherlockian Jeopardy. After the meeting many of us strolled across the street to Maud’s Tavern to eat.

Then it was off to the City where we stopped by O’Lunney’s Irish Pub for an impromptu meeting of O’Lunatics. My co-workers and I made it back to our Middletown hotel around midnight. It was another successful Sherlockian outing.

Happy Collecting!!


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