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The View from the East End
May 20, 2012, Number 109

A Final Lesson from the Master
by Inspector Hopkins

Oh . . . when will I ever, ever learn from Sherlock Holmes?

After all these years as a student of Watson’s writings, as your “Sherlockian Sophomore” submitting all these articles, and as a devotee of Holmes’s methods, I have to confess that I still struggle to grasp them . . .

Case in Point

As a final article, let me please try to explain.

For the past two months, I’ve been struggling with my computer . . .

It’s been going up and down like a yo-yo! I can’t seem to get anything done with it, let alone put out an article for you. It’s been making all kinds of busy “whirring and whizzing” noises as I try to type out articles. It freezes and locks up at the most inopportune moments. The whole system just shuts down, over and over again.

I tried “Disk Cleanup” repeatedly to try and remove any extra file fragments.

I tried “Defragging” my computer.

I tried rebooting it repeatedly.

I tried using the “Task Manager” to look for, and detect any rogue software.

I stopped using AOL as my primary ISP, and switched to Internet Explorer.

I then tried to use a “home page” which was very “quiet” and which I thought would take up fewer resources, thus reducing the “whirring and whizzing” noises from my poor computer, which seemed to be continually laboring under severe stresses . . .

I finally concluded that a virus or some sort of malware had infected my system some time back . . . but who knows where . . . or how . . . or when?

I looked at all the various websites I had visited lately, and then spent many hours using “Google” to check out their reliability, thinking that perhaps some websites were malicious or unreliable.

My “McAfee” anti-virus software seemed to be up to date, and I was constantly getting updates, and downloading and installing them, whenever prompted to do so. I constantly ran “Full Scans” looking for any sort of virus or problem, but none were ever detected.

Exasperated, frustrated, and defeated, at long last I contacted “Computer Rescue Services” here on the East End (sort of like “The Geek Squad”) to make a house call.

After a thorough checkout of my system, it turned out that my CPU cooling fan was simply clogged with DUST . . . This made the fan kick on at high speed during any sort of computer usage and caused all the busy “whirring and whizzing” noises. Once the CPU reached a critical temperature, then whole system would shut down .When the fan was cleaned, all the problems disappeared, and my computer was restored to normal.

* * * * * *

Thoroughly humbled and embarrassed as your “Sherlockian Sophomore”, I must admit that I should have paid more attention to Holmes’s observation in BLUE, where he clearly stated “we must try the simplest means first . . .” when trying to solve a mystery.

SO . . . When will I ever learn, eh?

On behalf of myself, Brad, and Don, I sincerely appreciate all your loyal readership and support of SherlockPeoria, and hope that you will continue in your own studies of The Master, and his methods . . .

Godspeed, and wishing you all the best, I am, and have been, as always,

Yours faithfully,




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