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The View from Sherlock Peoria
No. 442, December 26, 2010

The Seven Days of Sherlock

This week was a pretty Sherlockian week.

Monday, I picked up a comic book with a full page ad on the back cover for BBC titles available at “Vampire. Doctor. Wizard. Detective. Captain.” the headline read. Above it were five familiar gentlemen, all lined up to look like a dream team of fictional heroes: the vampire John Mitchell, Doctor Who, Merlin, Sherlock Holmes, and Captain Jack Harkness of Torchwood. Interestingly, all of the five could be called “immortal” in one fashion or another.

Tuesday, the morning paper ran a small article entitled “Comic is back after 2004 bankruptcy.” The comic book in question was “Ruse,” a tale of a Sherlock-inspired character named Simon Archard who did his detecting in a more supernatural universe than our own, but with all the Victorian trappings of a world a Sherlockian character could fit right into. After failing with a company called Crossgen years ago, it is apparently being given another chance by Marvel Comics for a four-issue limited series.

Wednesday, a co-worker sent me a png-formatted image that he’d pulled from a website called . Comixed is one of those user-generated sites where the users provide the content and make the people that run it all their profits. In the case of Comixed, the content is still images from TV, movies, and other media with captions added . . . kind of like sixth graders have been doing with photos forever. The image I got Wednesday was stills from the Robert Downey Jr./Jude Law Sherlock Holmes, used to tell the classic tent joke.  This, I had to immediately forward to my neighbor, a well-known afficianado of such things.

Thursday, I was shopping for the Christmas feast when a trip to Schnuck’s yielded a DVD set of the complete Ronald Howard Sherlock Holmes TV series for $5.99.

Friday was Christmas eve, which brought family and a pair of exquisite Turkish pipes from my aunt, via a cousin who’s husband works in Turkey.  These may be the subject of some future column, so I won’t get into them here.

Saturday, of course, was Christmas Day,  and once more Holmes made his presence known. My brother-in-law’s family got me the BBC Sherlock series on DVD, meaning I had gotten both the first and the latest TV Holmeses in one week. And our eldest nephew who travels the world had picked up a really nice magnet from Dartmoor State Park, with Holmes and the Hound of the Baskervilles. The good Carter and I also sat down and opened up a pile of Christmas cards we hadn’t gotten to, including some excellent and original ones from distant Sherlockian friends.

Sunday . . . well, it’s only the first day after Christmas, but my good Sherlockian friend from Morton, John Holliday, came by to pay compliments of the season. Or at least go see True Grit and have lunch at the Tilted Kilt, which can somehow be construed as a Sherlockian venue since it’s Scottish and John was basically having his break-fast meal of the day.

And that makes seven days of Sherlock. Usually I don’t keep track of my Holmes encounters, so perhaps such a week is not as unusual for the casual Sherlockian like myself as I might think.  It would be interesting to see how many straight days one could go with Sherlock Holmes entering your life on his own accord – that is, without a person actively seeking out new Holmes material.  One’s location and established Sherlockian connections might factor into it a little bit, but as we all well remember, one does here of Sherlock everywhere. Seven days could string out into quite a few more.

Your humble correspondent,
Brad Keefauver


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