Hobbs's Mystery Cover Archives (2)


This is a Serbo-Croatian translation published by Otokar Kersovani in 1963. "Zuto Lice" includes: "YELL" "SILV" "STOC" "GLOR" "MUSG" "REIG" "CROO" "RESI" "GREE" "NAVA" "FINA" This book is listed in De Waal - #C3805 paperbcak cover.

The Adventure of the Copper Beeches - no date/ no publisher's info. Arabic translation.

El Problema Fina - published by Prometeo -no date. Valencian translation of RIEG; REDC; REDH; CHAS;GOLD; FINA.

Un Crimen Extrano, published by Prometeo - no date. Valencian translation of STUD; GREE.

El Valle del Terror published in Spain by Maucci no date. Spanish "VALL," not in De Waal's.

Scherlok Holmes vol.01 published in Estoniaby Poder, 1907 Estonian "STUD," not in De Waal's.

El Valle del Terror published by Biblioteca Aveturas vol.2 no.05 1939. Spanish "VALL" not in De Waal's.

La Resurreccion de Sherlock Holmes - published by Olmo no date - Catalan "EMPT" "NORW" "BLAC" not in De Waal's.

Die Drei Giebel (Hugo-Willie- 1927) "Willie's Illustriete Kriminal Bucherei #33. German translation "3GAB" De Waal #C2931.

Bravo Sherlock Holmes vol.03 - Marathi translation {NIDW}

The Red-Headed Gang & Other Stories (Libdu Liban -nd) Arabic translation {NIDW}

1926 Dutch translation of
A Study in Scarlet