October 2004 . . . Nineth Issue . . . About This Monthly

When presented with the subject of convict transportation, only one member seemed to take an interest, and to no one's suprise it was . . .

Mr. John Clay

(Meaning, of course, that those of noble blood are born to take an interest in all the nation's concerns . . . yes, that's what I meant.)

Are you a character
from the
Sherlock Holmes stories
who wishes to
express yourself upon
events of the day?

Join the Dark Lantern League and send your missive to the Dark Lantern League Electro-Graphic Monthly's Frank Moulton (featured player of "The Adventure of the Noble Bachelor") at darklantern@sherlockpeoria.net

Another Australian wretch --
will he be back?

Next issue's deadline:
October 29, 2004

Next issues's topic:
The Public Prints

(Topics are just suggestions,
and by no means intended to limit
the expression of our membership!
Feel free to read and react!)