The Dangling Prussian

The Dangling Prussian is a bar on Montague Street in the Victorian London of Sherlock Holmes, the year 1895 to be exact. It's always 1895 at the Dangling Prussian, through some whim of Moriartian physics. The public house has been home to both the Montague Street Incorrigibles and the Dangling Prussian Amateur Press Association, as well as a regular hangout of more denizens of Sherlock's London than you can shake a Penang lawyer at.

The Dangling Prussian Amateur Press Association was a group of Sherlockian writers who sent their printed pages to Peoria every two months to be collected between covers and sent back to the various contributors. An amazing variety of content, from the factual to the fictional to needlepoint, appeared in the DPAPA over the years, including some of the following:

Tales of Tonga

Police Constable Cook

Drunks of the Canon

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