Meet The Sherlock Peoria Holmes Team


Who are we? Well, here's the original team (going clockwise). . .

Brad Keefauver is a Sherlockian writer and small press publisher, whose books include the hard-to-find The Elementary Methods of Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock and the Ladies, and The Armchair Baskerville Tour. He's also head honcho at The Holmes & Watson Report, a bi-monthly Sherlockian journal you can find more about elsewhere in these pages. His Sherlockian career began in Peoria in the 1970s, and he's been there ever since.

Don Hobbs is a Sherlockian collector, traveller, and writer whose book-collecting connections reach around the world. He's the Mini-Review man for The Holmes & Watson Report, and compiler of The Crowded Box-room: A Checklist of Sherlockian Publications and their Publishers. And while he may reside in Flower Mound, Texas, a long work assignment in Peoria a few years ago made him a Peoria Sherlockian all the same.

Robert C. Burr is a founding father of Peoria Sherlockiana, being the sparking plug that caused the first meeting of the Hansoms of John Clayton, Peoria's singular Sherlock Holmes society. His career as editor of such Sherlockian publications as Wheelwrightings and Plugs & Dottles (the original series) set standards for timeliness and quality that are still being strived for by many a Holmes publication. He's known across the Sherlockian internet as "the Rascally Lascar" and his pawky sense of humor might give you some understanding as to why.

Who have we added since then?

Joe Dierkes is our Sherlockian traveller and observer on the East Coast, also known as Stanley Hopkins.


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