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The Hansom Cab Clock Club

"Hey, that clock looks like a hansom cab."

-- A future member of the Hansom Cab Clock Club

Just how does one become a member of the illustrious Hansom Cab Clock Club? Simple. All you have to do is find one of these rare timepieces once sold out of the Sears catalog. Then take a picture of it and send it to SherlockPeoria, and we'll put it here to proclaim your accomplishment to the world. (Want to see want a new on looked like in the box? See its instructions? The clock listed in the Sears catalog? Check out out the gallery page.)

Members' Hansom Cab Clocks (Names A-H)

Members' Hansom Cab Clocks (Names I-Z)

A Typical Hansom Cab Clock

For More On Hansom Cab Clocks . . .

One Suggestion For Owning A Non-Working Hansom Clock:
Set its hands to 2:21.

Our Club Founders Fight It Out Over An Excellent Specimen