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The Hansom Cab Clock Club

– Members A-H

Members' Hansom Cab Clocks (Names I-Z)

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Bill Bain's Clock

Daniel Benson's Clock

Bob Burr's Clock

Ted Cowell's Clock

Philip Cunningham's Clock

Steve Doyle's Clock

Michael Ellis's Clock

Bruce Harris's First Clock

Bruce Harris is hereby the first awardee of the Hansom Cab Clock Club's
previously unknown "Shipley" status, by virtue of his owning two cab
clocks at the same time (even though one is about to go on sale on eBay).
Shipley, it will be remembered, owned Shipley's Yard, whence came
John Clayton's hansom cab in The Hound of the Baskervilles.

Bruce Harris's Second Clock

Don Hobbs's Clock

John Holliday's Clock (formerly that of Bob Burr)

John Holliday's clock in it's home setting.

Clocks Known Yet Not Photographed:

Bill Cochran's Clock