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February 22, 2004

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Sherlockian film . . .

Sir Hugo's
Wild and Profane

Sherlockian life . . .

Ramblings of a Wit
(Half or Nit)
by Jim Vogelsang

Sherlockian puzzles . . .

by Dana Richards

The Holmes & Watson Report has some great writers, both doing regular columns and showing up for the occasional article. Some of them are even among The 100 Most Prolific Sherlockian Writers of the Last Century.



Our January 2005 Issue



Events . . .

The Baskerville Bash 1999 from the March 1999 issue

The Dayton Symposium 2000 from the July 2000 issue

The 1997 Downstate Illinois Sherlockian Invitational from the November 1997 issue

The STUD Banquet 1997 from the July 1997 issue

The Sherlock Holmes Review's Last Bow - 1996 from the January 1997 issue

Lasting Impressions - 1997from the September 1997 issue

On Sherlock . . .

His birthplace from the March 1999 issue

His mother from the May 1999 issue

His father from the July 1999 issue

His dog from the July 1999 issue

His romantic interest from the May 1999 issue

His hobby from the November 2000 issue

His furniture from the May 2000 issue

His presidential campaign from the March 2000 issue

His bride from the January 1999 issue

On Watson . . .

His birthday from the September 2000 issue

His disappearance from the May 1999 issue

And other stuff . . .

Dancing Men cartoons from an unspecified issue

The first subscriber from the January 2000 issue

Sherlockian Millenium Timeline from the January 2000 issue

The shy person's guide to Sherlockian conversation from the January 1997 issue

The revolver problem of the Dancing Men from the March 1998 issue

TheGrand Game 1998 from the July 1998 issue

Our 2000 Reader Survey from the March 2000 issue




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May -- Sophomore Jinx

July -- The Coal Scuttle's Tale

September -- The Holmes & Women Report

November -- The Shilling Squad


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March -- The Write Sherlockian Stuff

May -- The Bearskin Rug Ate My Calendar

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January -- The Detective of the Great White North

March -- Intuitive Sherlockiana

May -- Arch-Enemy of the Typo Reduction Team

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September -- Something For Everyone Somewhere!

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