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The View from the East End (90)

By Inspector Hopkins

November 9, 2008

Farewell, Old Friend . . .

by Inspector Hopkins

I just received the very sad news that a good Sherlockian friend and mentor passed beyond the Reichenbach last Friday . . . 

Paul Churchill

My faithful readers may recall my earlier descriptions of this man, Paul Churchill, who lived down in Maryland . . . .

He had almost his entire house devoted to Sherlockiana.

His living room was a complete re-creation of the famous 221B sitting room.

He made models of the 221B rooms.

He devoted his life to Sherlockiana, after the tragic death of his wife in 1990, and created his famous “evidence boxes” containing bits and pieces from the stories in the Canon, which he took with him to many, many scion meetings up and down the East End.

He was the heart and soul of the “Watson’s Tin Boxers” scion down in Maryland.

He personally took me down to the “Red Circle” scion meeting in Washington, DC . . . and if it wasn’t for him, I would never have made it there, because it was so intimidating for me to use all that mass transit.

He spent years and tears and years in recreating many Sherlockian “documents” and letters which he submitted to the Baker Street Irregulars for their entertainment and enjoyment at their annual BSI dinners.

He had an uncanny ability to create almost any Sherlockian scene based upon any shape you could submit to him on a restaurant napkin . . .

He worked and worked ceaselessly to promote Sherlockiana as a teacher and as a friend.

He was willing to drive from his home in Maryland all the way up to the “Speckled Band” scion meeting in Boston, and back, in one evening, just because he loved Sherlockiana so very much.

He hosted the “Annual Mycroft” in his home every year, where the “Tin Boxers” would gather each January to celebrate another upcoming year of Sherlockiana, as well as to compete for the covetous award . . .

He wasn’t afraid to do anything.

Even though I chided him about smoking, he laughed it off  . . . 

Maybe that was what killed him.

Thank God that the BSI eventually admitted him to their ranks in 2006 as “Corot” because he certainly deserved it.

He will go down in history as the dedicated Sherlockian he was, and he will be very sorely missed.

Until next time, I am,

Very sorrowfully,