From the October 8, 1855 issue . . .

Henry Watson To Save Souls On Prison Ship Bound for Australia

Notorious Swindler Prenderghast Also On Board

FALMOUTH, ENGLAND — Not wanting to waste his family’s money on an idle passage to Australia, the industrious and God-fearing Henry M. Watson signed on as ship’s chaplain aboard the prison-ship Gloria Scott, while his family traveled in style upon the good ship Hotspur.

"We’ll be together soon enough," Watson told his wife and two sons. "And maybe I can save a soul or two in the meantime."

Watson recently turned to the Lord upon the disappearance of his long-time friend, Jack Holmes, who vanished after a trip to London. Holmes’s own wife and children were left with a bank account said to be in excess of two hundred thousand pounds, so they are well provided for. Even so, Henry Watson hopes to find something for the abandoned Holmes family in his voyage to the Australia gold fields.

While Watson will be using the name "Wilson" on shipboard to prevent any of the odious criminals imprisoned there from finding him later, his wife Victrola assures us that he is still a Watson through and through, and looks forward to a good glass of brown sherry upon the end of his missionary journey.

Watson should not be in too much danger, however, as the Gloria Scott is a "white-collar" prison ship carrying only such villains of the world of finance as systematic merchant fraud sensation Jack Prenderghast, banking embezzler James Armitage and forger Morecroft Evans.