February 14, 1868

John H. Watson, M.D., Gains Experience of Woman on One Continent

Parents Of Theresa Wright Send Her To Adelaide

BALLARAT, AUSTRALIA — Young John H. Watson, M.D., son of Victrola and the late Henry Watson, was apprehended recently giving a physical examination to a local Ballarat girl by the girl’s parents, Wilmer and Orvilla Wright. The pair seemed to initially believe Watson’s explanation that he was studying the physiognomies of the peoples of different continents to prepare for his career in medicine. Yet when their daughter had helpfully explained Watson’s medical technique in great detail to her parents, their attitudes seemingly took a turn for the worse.

"She’ll be a gaunt old woman before you ever see her again!" Wilmer Wright was heard telling Johnny Watson as he ran the lad off. The Wrights were later seen driving Theresa out of town in their wagon to have her live with relatives in Adelaide.

"I was simply doing anatomical studies! That is all!" young Johnny still protests, seeming quite heartbroken at the girl’s sudden departure. But eventually the lad brightened when he realized that he had six more continents to experience women upon.

"That girl could build a career based upon her ample bosom," he told his brother Henry. "And I hear that Adelaide has an excellent school of wet-nursing, " he said, "so perhaps it is all for the best."