March 7, 1873

New Governor of Victoria Exiles John H. Watson After Exam of Wife

Adair Resigns In Disgrace; Bowen Steps In

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA — A scandal has erupted in the highest levels of Australian government after young John H. Watson, M.D. was caught serving the state of Victoria a little too eagerly this spring. Governor A. Fritch Adair of Victoria returned from his first day in office to find the eager young medico making certain that the state of Victoria’s first lady was in first-rate condition, flew into a rage, and promptly exiled the young man from Australia, having his militia put Watson on the first boat for San Francisco. When all was said and done, a broken and distraught Adair resigned his post as governor and called upon Sir George Bowen, the current governor of New Zealand to step into the office.

"I was simply giving her a proper examination! That is all!" Watson was heard to protest as he was being put aboard the Charlotte Rampling bound for America. He then even shouted out his diagnosis, showing his true professional concern for the lady in question: "She could be in the very early stages of developing cataracts!"