June 23, 1877

John H. Marries Older Utah Woman; Service Done By Dying Vagrant

Experience of Women Now "Two Continents"

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA — In an impromptu service at Madame Charpentier’s Boarding House of San Francisco, John H. Watson, M.D. and Miss Lucy Ferrier, formerly of Utah, were made man and wife. It was both a happy and tragic day for residents of Madame Charpentier’s, with one guest stabbed and one guest shot shortly before the wedding.

The service was performed by Mr. Jefferson Hope of St. Louis, who was dying from a knife wound himself at the time of the nuptials. After swearing the couple to each other "until death do you part," Mr. Hope sank back to the floor and parted himself.

"Not to worry," said Elias Fortescue Smee, witness to the ceremony. "There are other Jefferson Hopes in St. Louis who will readily take Hope’s place in future adventures."

The new Mrs. Watson is thirty-five years of age, and it is generally believed that her wisdom will be a great boon to her new husband, who is only twenty-five, should she not be kidnapped by Mormons.