October 13, 1877

Mrs. John H. Watson Mysteriously
Deserts Her Much Younger Husband

John H. Watson, M.D., Vows To Join Service

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA — Lucy Watson, the wife of popular local doctor John H. Watson, M.D., vanished this week, leaving behind a husband who says that he cannot bear  San Francisco without her. The Watsons were, to all appearances, completely happy in their first months of marriage, despite Lucy’s persistent fear of abduction by Mormon wife-hunters.
“She always had a thing for mountain men,” two childhood friends of Mrs. Watson, Joseph Stangerson and Enoch Drebber, told this correspondent. “She probably headed back to the mountains with one of them. Yeah, that’s it, we’re sure. Mountain men. If you’ll excuse us, we have a wedding to get back to in Salt Lake City.”
Stangerson and Drebber were in San Francisco paying their respects at Madame Charpentier’s, where their fathers died in the tragic Boarding House Pre-Nuptial Murders of this summer.

Dr. Watson has been inconsolable at the prospect of his wife leaving him, and is said to be taking Sir Montague Brown’s advice to spend some time in the Queen’s service to heal his wound. “Perhaps service in India and an experience of women upon a third continent will do him some good,” the baronet said.