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Those Weird Sherlockian Eighties


Remember the 1980s?

The Reagan years, Thriller, Cabbage Patch fever, Deloreans, Moonies, Cosby, Duran Duran, Rubik's Cube, Prince, ET, Mutant Ninja Turtles . . . weird times, eh?

Well, they weren't exactly all picket fences and white starched shirts in the Sherlockian world either back then. At least not around Sherlock Peoria.

The Weird Sherlock Archives collect some of what was being printed with the name "Keefauver" attached to it in those days.

Sherlock Holmes's Conception of a Thin Man
An article tracing an unsuspected blood tie between the fold of Doyle and the folk of Hammett.

(From The Baker Street Chronicle, Volume 2, Number 4, July-August 1982)

A science-fictional jaunt that gives the truth behind Sherlock Holmes's survial at Reichenbach Falls.
(From The Baker Street Chronicle, Volume 2, Number 5, September-October 1982)

Oxford. Cambridge or . . . ? -- The Final Answer
An abnormal investigation into Holmes's one true establishment of higher education.
(From Afghanistanzas, Volume 6, Number 5, Issue 49, November 1982)

Under the Tree at 221B
The Holmes-Watson gift exchange.
(From The Baker Street Chronicle, Volume 2, Number 6, November-December 1982)

The Lost World of Sherlock Holmes
The Canon as science fiction? Believe it!

(From Calabash: A Magazine for Holmesians, Number 3, March 1983)

Weekend in That Country of the Mind
The John Bennett Shaw workshop in Lisle, Illinois
(From The Baker Street Chronicle, Volume 3, Number 4, July-August 1983)

The Adventure of the Crazed Concierge
By John H. Watson (Perhaps that's John "Hooey" Watson in this case.)
(From The Baker Street Chronicle, Volume 4, Number 2, March-April 1984)

The Holmes-Vampire Trilogy
Three articles on Holmes not meeting Dracula and the vampire he did meet.
( All Three From The Baker Street Chronicle, Volume 4, Number 5, September-October 1984)

Danger and Delight in Dubuque from the book, Among the Sherlockians
By John H. Watson, M. D. As edited by Brad A. Keefauver
(From The Baker Street Chronicle, Volume 4, Number 6, November-December 1984)

Sherlock's Secret War (3)
Why do the gypsies hate Sherlock so?
(From The Air-Gun, Volume 1, Issue 5, August 1985)

Sherlock's Secret War -- File 5
The secrets of the hound. You don't want to know.
(From The Air-gun, Vol. 1, No. 7, November 1985)

Sherlock’s Secret War — File 8
Some letters during the hiatus.
(From The Air-Gun, Volume 2, Number 3, May 1986)

Sherlock's Secret War -- File X
Holmes's mysterious behaviour witnessed!
(From The Air-Gun, Vol. 2, No. 5-6/December 1986)

Why They Don't Let Women Into The B.S.I.
(From The Air-Gun, Vol. 3, No. 1, June 1987. Historic note: A few years after this was written, the Baker Street Irregulars did finally start allowing many women into their meetings -- just not all women, as they don't let all men in. Perhaps for the reason you'll find below.)

Sherlock's Secret War, File XII: "Mycroft Holmes -- Zombie!"
The title says it all, folks!
(From The Air-gun, Volume 4, No. 1, November 1988)