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The View from
the East End
By Inspector Hopkins

A Young Police Inspector Reports

“I recognized him at once as Stanley Hopkins, a young police inspector for whose future Holmes had high hopes,” Watson wrote about the original Hopkins. Sherlock Peoria's Hopkins has favored us with many a neo-Sherlockian investigation of his own as he moved through the ranks.

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The View fromthe East End
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Sherlockian World

Hobbs's Mystery Cover
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The Pastiche Library

"Down in a dark, cobwebbed corner of the vaults of SherlockPeoria is a box with my name upon it . . ." Finding untold tales of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson is one of the secret vices of many an otherwise respectable Sherlockian, and things are no different here . . .

Helston's Tale

The Wealth of Watson

"There are no limits to the possibilities of monomania."
-- John H. Watson, M.D.

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ran from June 2002 to December 2008

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The View from Sherlock Peoria
By Brad Keefauver

A Blog From The Outskirts of Sherlockland

If you want the guarded words of the old school, old world Holmes fans, it's not hard to find the classic journals. But if you're looking for thoughts on Holmes that no considered Sherlockian would put before the public . . .

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The View from Sherlock Peoria

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The Hansom Cab Clock Club!


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"Comfortable Chairs and
the Latest Periodicals"

Glimpses of Sherlockian publications of the past . . .

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The Chronology Corner

Eccentric studies of the dating Dr. Watson's case notes, now on-line.

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The Dark Lantern League Electro-graphic Monthly

Another Sherlockian Journal


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The Spirit
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The Maniac Collector's Inbox
By Don Hobbs

Traveller in Sherlockiana

Nobody, but nobody, travels America in search of Sherlock Holmes or reaches out to the world in search of Sherlockian translations as much as Don Hobbs. His on-line diaries have been a vital part of Sherlock Peoria from day one.

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The Maniac Collector's Inbox

The Sign of the Four

History Skewed in a Way Purely Watson

Summer, 1927 - Doyle Caught On Film!

October 13, 1877 - Mrs. Watson Missing!

June 23, 1877 - Watson Gets Married

July 4, 1876 - Watson, Hero!

March 7, 1873 - Watson Exiled!

February 14 , 1868 - Watson Experiences Woman

April 16 , 1861 - Watson Brothers At School

January 9, 1856 - Watsons Arrive in Australia

November 6 , 1855 - Death of a Watson

October 8 , 1855 - Australia Bound

April 1, 1852 - The Birth of a Watson

July 14, 1838 - The Original H&W

of the Baskervilles
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Those Weird Sherlockian Eighties

Back in the 1980s, things got a little weird, wild, and all together wonderful, Sherlock-wise.

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