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That was the last, but here's a link back to the comfort of the even more classic Sherlock Peoria site.

Peoria . . .
The View From Sherlock Peoria
1 . . .

Somewhere Out East . . .
The View From The East End
A Final Lesson from the Master

 Ask Professor Moriarty! (He'll answer.)

Who Was Dr. Watson?

"Exactly. Therein lies our salvation. Our search is narrowed down to standardized books which any one may be supposed to possess."

The Rest of the World . . .
The Maniac Collector
Sherlocking Goes On Forever
and Sherlocking!

The Monday Funnies . .
Action Sherlock Brain Theater

3 Panels

The Return of
Sherlock Holmes IV . . .
What's Your Number?

And here's the Hansom Cab Clock Club . . .